The weather in Skåne

Photo: Apelöga

Skåne often enjoys the warmest temperatures in Sweden, and the mild climate lets us ride our bicycles for most of the year.

The daily temperature can vary a good deal between different places in Sweden, and even the length of the seasons can differ as Sweden stretches far to the north. Year after year, Skåne leads the country in hours of sunshine and warmest weather in the annual weather summaries by SMHI (the Meteorological and Hydrological Institute of Sweden). The many unforested landscapes of Skåne and the fact that we have coasts on three sides also give Skåne the distinction of having the highest wind velocities.

Regardless of whether you bike on Sydkustleden in April to greet the arrival of spring serenaded by the chirping of birds, or in the lush landscape on a warm summer’s day or through the beauty of multi-coloured foliage on a crisp autumn morning, you can be sure that your experience on Sydkustleden will always be an enchanting one.

No matter what the season is, we recommend that you dress in layers so you can regulate your body temperature in cold, wind, rain or heat. As is the case all over Scandinavia, the main rule is to keep updated about the latest weather forecasts and pack a change of clothing in your rucksack so you will be well prepared for any rapidly changing weather conditions during your trip. Read more about equipment and how you best can dress for the season in the Equipment section.