Road surface & traffic separation

Most of Sydkustleden consists of paved road, but about 7% of the trail is on gravel. The majority (66%) of the trail has a dedicated bicycle lane that is separated from automobile traffic, a fact that keeps you safer, especially when you’re bike with children, for example.

Our map tool shows you which parts of each section are gravel roads, which parts are paved, as well as where the road is free from automobiles and where Sydkustleden runs along a road and has mixed traffic. You can also see what places along the route are most worth a visit.

This page shows you only road surface and traffic separation for the entire Sydkustleden, in a specially-designed map.

Cykla i Skåne (Biking in Skåne) shows you nearby bike paths that lead to various interesting detours you can follow from Sydkustleden.