Signage and grade

In 2019, Sydkustleden became the third national rated tourist bicycle trail in Sweden. This certification attests to the fact that this is a high-quality trail that is safe from traffic, and offers a wide range of experiences and service along the trail.

National bicycle trail

This certification also indicates that this trail has signage that complies with the national standard, so when you bike here, you can feel secure following the red and white signs bearing with the number “3”, regardless of the direction from which you chose to start.  The trail has signage in both directions. In other words, from north to south and from south to north.

When you need to turn, this is shown with the help of signs, and during your bike ride, there are signs to remind you that you are going the right way. Along the trail, there are also signs that show the distance to the closest communities. Where the trail begins or ends, as well as in certain towns, there are large information signs about Sydkustleden that are well worth stopping for and reading to get some additional information and inspiration.

You can download GPX files to your smartphone and use your telephone for navigation.