Photo: Mickael Tannus

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about biking along Sydkustleden

- How many days does it take to bike the Sydkustleden?

Figure that an average biking distance of 30–50 kilometres per day is needed if you want to have time to do everything you want, stop for coffee, go for a quick swim, take photos, and just enjoy the experience. If you are a seasoned cyclist, however, things can go faster.


- Which direction is easiest to bike?

Either way, as Sydkustleden is an easy bike trail with the exception of certain hilly parts.


- What does the number 3 on the bike trail signs mean?

The number 3 shows that Sydkustleden is the third national bicycle trail for tourism and recreation in Sweden. In other words, it serves that the “Road number” of this trail.


 - Can I take along my own bike on a train or bus?

Yes, you can. Read more about how you travel on public transportation by bus or train in the “Getting here” section.


- Do I need to reserve accommodations in advance?

You should reserve your overnight accommodations in advance, especially during the months of June to August, when many places can be fully booked, so get this done early.


- Do I need to check opening hours at cafés?

Yes, it’s a good idea to do that, specially between September and May, when it is not high season. 


- Can I pitch my tent along the trail?

Yes, you can. Read more about the Right to Roam (Sw. Allemansrätten) and the rules for camping out along the trail.


-Can I ride a horse on the trail?

According to the Right to Roam, horseback riding is permitted on Sydkustleden. As a horseback rider, we recommend that you ride in the middle on the gravel road or on the shoulder of the road. Your right to use the trail, however, is linked to an obligation to show consideration and caution toward nature, animals, landowners and others who are out in the countryside. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency summarizes the Right to Roam as “Don’t disturb and Don’t destroy”.


- Can I book baggage transport along the trail?

Yes, you can. Read more in the “booking baggage transport” section.


- Where can I hire a bicycle?

There are several places along Sydkustleden where you can hire a bicycle and associated bicycle equipment. See the bicycle equipment symbol in the map tool.


Can I reserve a complete bicycle tour package along the trail?


What is the signage on the trail, and what do the various markings mean?