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Ystad - Trelleborg

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    47 km

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    380 m

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Over a thousand years ago, the Vikings launched their boats from this part of Skåne's south coast for their voyages across the sea.

Vikings and water

Start your journey in Ystad and stroll among the 300-year-old half-timbered houses and visit Sweden's oldest monastery. Then continue on west and discover ancient Bronze Age burial mounds, the vibrant fishing spots Beddinge beach and Böste, historic dolmens and Sweden's southernmost point, Smygehuk. Finally, you arrive at the harbour town of Trelleborg and the ancient Viking fortress Trelleborgen, which with its museum and café is well worth a visit.

Welcome to the second segment of Sydkustleden.

Below, we list some of our favourites. 

47 km

380 m


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Dagas för lunchstopp i Kåseberga Photographer: Apelöga
Hörte namn
Mossby strand Photographer: Jenny Brandt

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Sydkustleden brings you closer to nature and guides you to many of the attractions in southern Sweden. Here are some places worth a detour along the trail.

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